Continental Wireless Inc. is very strict regarding workplace safety. We provide certified safety equipment and first aid kits to our staff and all our vehicles. We also assure the cleanliness of the entire area after each work has been finished.

Service offerings include but are not limited to:

Electrical and Emergency Solutions
  • Lighting System and Beacon maintenance and repair, Ground ring installation and mantaining for Core, Data Center and Cell sites, Power AC-DC, UPS and Battery banks system installation, configuring, troubleshooting.
  • Core racks, BTS power, Microwave cabinet, Fiber Optic cabinets installation
  • Backup Generators site construction and mantaining, General electrical works, Telecom equipment installations, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Raised flooring and roofs, cable ladder runways installation for Datacenter and Core sites.
  • Electrical power supply with a generator (in case of electricity shortage at site), Refueling of electrical power generators, 24/7 response service Lighting system repair, Antenna, Fiber or coaxial line repairs, Temporary towers Siting (Cow).
Cell Site
  • Steel platforms, Frames, V-Boom manufacturing, installation and modifications, Towers, Guyed and monopoles painting, Transportation of equipment (Shelter, Power Generators, Cows, etc.), Installation and transportation of utility poles (wood, cement, metal), Manufacturing of mounting galvanized frames, Ice bridges and cable ladder ways installation.
  • Site survey for New site build or modification, Solar panels installation, Excavations, PVC conduit fitting, Earthing Welding and Compund Fencing Construction, Reinforcement of Bts and power cabinets, Reinforcement or Full generator installation, Constructions in cement, Site landscape maintenance, All types of removal and disposal of material from the sites.
  • Dismantling materials and equipments all types from Tower, Monopoles, Rooftop, Guyed, Water tank at Core and Cell sites.
  • Optionally Camouflage all type cell sites, Inventories of Network equipments and at Storage Warehouse.
Antennas / Lines / Microwave / Fiber Optics
  • Installation, replacement and maintenance of Sectorial / Omni Antennas, Installation, replacement and maintenance of Microwave antennas (1’ to 15’ Dia), Remote Radio (RRU) installation and maintenance, Coax / Hybrid cable / Jumpers / Raycaps installation and replacement, Tower / Monopoles equipments inventory, Technical Site survey at Core or Ran sites also by Drone generating reports any files requested, Indoor Outdoor Alarms cabling and troubleshooting.
  • Sweep Line Test and Faults troubleshooting, PIM Test (700MHz – 2600 MHz), 3Z Alignment Tool for azimuth / tilting
  • Fiber optic Outdoor, Indoor Sm Mm Tests,Troubleshooting, Installing, Cleaning, Splicing, Conectorization; GPS, Tma, Duplexer, Filter installations.
Network Ran / Core Planning, Deployment, RF Optimization, IT services
  • Installing, commisioning, integrating, troubleshooting ERICSSON vendor equipments BaseBand, SIU, Mw links Alignment Minilink; Installing, commisioning, integrating, troubleshooting NOKIA vendor FlexiWbts and Airscale, Supporting Mw links ALU, NEC, SIAE, Huawei, Siemens vendors.
  • Adjusts as Tilting, Az, Height; Single site verification: Drive Test Coverage, Physical adjustments, Signal Quality Tests, Handover Tests, Capacity Tests, Interference Tests, Delay (Latency) Tests, Backup and Redundancy Tests.
  • Consultancy over Network upgrades, New sites, New Power; KPI Monitoring and optimization, Coverage Optimization, Capacity Optimization, Interference Optimization, Network Parameter Optimization, Handover Optimization, Radio Resource Optimization, Network Deployment Planning, Traffic Analysis.
  • Websites development and maintaining, Web Apps development and maintaining, Database development, management and maintaining, Technical support 7/24 via local or remote, Backing up and restore Db, webpage, apps; Datacenter monitoring, Network NOCs supervising and monitoring, Core and networking supervising and monitoring,