Continental Wireless Inc. is very strict regarding workplace safety. We provide certified safety equipment and first aid kits to our staff and all our vehicles. We also assure the cleanliness of the entire area after each work has been finished.

Service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Lighting System maintenance and repair
  • Beacon and side light repair
  • Ground ring installation
  • Ground Resistance Tests
  • DC power and battery system installation
  • BTS power and microwave cabinet installation
  • General electrical work
  • Telco installation
  • Telecom equipment maintenance and repair
  • Steel platform fabrication and installation
  • Painting of towers and monopoles
  • Transportation of equipment (shelter, power generators, etc.)
  • Installation and transportation of utility poles (wood, cement, metal)
  • Manufacture of galvanized frames and balconies
  • New site build
  • Site modifications
  • Solar panels installation
  • Excavations
  • PVC conduit fitting
  • Welding
  • Reinforcement of cabinets BTS and power cabinets
  • Reinforcement of generators
  • Constructions in cement
  • Full generator installation
  • Site landscape maintenance
  • All types of removal and disposal of material from the sites
Antennas / Lines / Microwave
  • Installation, replacement and maintenance of antennas system
  • Installation, replacement and maintenance of microwave
    antennas (1’ to 15’diameter)
  • Remote Radio (RRU) installation and maintenance
  • Coax / Hybrid cable installation and replacement
  • Tower Mapping
  • Site survey
  • Alarm troubleshooting
  • Sweep Line Test
  • PIM Test (750MHz – 2,100 MHz)
  • Fiber Test
  • 3Z Alignment Tool for azimuth
  • GPS installation
  • Drone (for surveys)
Emergency Solutions
  • Electrical power supply with a generator (in case of electricity shortage in the site)
  • Refueling of electrical power generators
  • 24/7 response service  Lighting system repair
  • Antenna and coaxial line repair
  • Temporary towers (cow)